We like creating things that
are not available elsewhere.

At our facility, we have expertise and capacity in a number of different production technologies. We offer a range of processing options, but our speciality is in creating novel solutions not available elsewhere for customers with unique challenges in need of a touch of genius. We assist companies large and small through production, purchasing, assembly and logistics. We identify structure in what appears confused and create simplicity out of what appears complex. And we enjoy every moment of what we do.

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We work on a daily basis with production processes, such as CNC turning, milling, centreless grinding, centre grinding, thread rolling, assembly and laser marking. We can also assist by providing our expertise to help solve your technical problems.

Purchase and assembling

We often create production flows for our customers where we process and assemble parts to create a desired end result with added value. These often include components we purchase on your behalf.


The final part of our system solution is constructing and handling special packaging and creating smart logistics chains. Central to this is our expertise in designing digital systems for controlling the chain.

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At our large facility, you will find production technicians with a wide range of skills. We have created this breadth of expertise to meet the expectations of customers and deal with assignments that require versatility and flexibility. High levels of technical competence and capacity are central to our operations.

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"Landeryds Mekaniska has been in existence since the 1940s, and I am proud to be able to run our business together with my family and our fantastic staff."

- Martin Ivarsson, 2024

"I am driven by the desire to offer all our customers technical solutions, rapid production and smart systems. In a nutshell: seamless, reliable deliveries of high quality and accuracy."

- Andreas Ivarsson, 2024