Landeryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB is a family business that goes back to the 1940s. The company was founded by Ivar Johansson in Anderstorp under the name Ivars Metallvaror. In the 1950s, the business moved to premises at Linnås, Landeryd.

Nowadays, Landeryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB is run by Ivar's son, Erling Ivarsson, and his sons, Martin and Andreas Ivarsson. The premises are located in the small but expanding town of Landeryd, with around 450 residents. In 2008 we acquired the neighbouring property in Landeryd, and today we have more than 7,000 square metres at our disposal.

This is where we work on achieving our objective of being a turnkey quality-conscious and environmentally aware subcontractor to the Swedish and international engineering industry.



Since the end of the 1980s, our business has been managed to ISO standards, in terms of both quality and the environment. Since 2002, we have also held ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental) certification, and we work continuously on improving our quality and environmental systems.


At Landeryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB, we work together with all our stakeholders to ensure we can fulfil our avowed mission of being an actor that delivers the right quality at the right price and the right time. Our objective is to be a strong local actor, at the same time as retaining a balance with the global market in which we trade.