Family-owned Landeryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB produces mechanical components of which all our staff should feel proud. We consider ourselves as versatile as a Swiss army knife. We work together with all our stakeholders to ensure we are an actor that delivers the right quality at the right price and the right time. Our objective is to be a strong local actor, at the same time as retaining a balance with the global market in which we trade. 

We try to achieve continuous improvement, with the aim of ensuring added value for our stakeholders and reduced impact on our shared environment.We endeavour to set an example in the way we deal with the environment and thereby influence and inspire others to follow the same model.

Working to the aims set out below, we manage to preserve a long tradition of Swedish craftsmanship and unique engineering skills, which is the basis for the success, development and growth of our company, our staff, our customers, and the region in which we operate.

• Giving top priority to our stakeholders' requirements, wishes and expectations.

• Supporting customers with our professional expertise and experience.

• Continually developing the cooperative effort with our suppliers.

• Engaging in proactive and committed improvement management.

• Engaging and training all staff in the spirit of our policy.

• Adopting a life-cycle approach to our infrastructure, in terms of both new investments and maintenance.

• Using our environmental aspects matrix as the basis for preventing pollution and harm to the environment.

• Complying with the laws and regulations that concern us.

• Using modern technology and IT support.

• Auditing and refining the work on our business management system.

The Ivarsson Family